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You at TMP: Mental Health as Created Social Beings

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Welcome to the resource page, prepared specifically for the participants of You at TMP. I’m delighted you came by–whether just for one, or some or all of the classes.

Week 1: The pdf of the slides from March 20, 2023 are here.

To learn more about the psychological distancing feeling of shame, take a look at Dr. Brené Brown’s TED talk, Listening to Shame. 

Week 2    The slides for Week 2 will be found here.

Dr. Vivek Murthy has written a great book, Together, that addresses loneliness at all levels. Stephanie Cacioppo, is a neuroscientist, writes a book that is both deeply nerdy and deeply personal about her relationship with one of the world’s foremost scientists on lonelienss, John Cacioppo: Wired for Love

Carolyn read from Forgive Everyone Everything by Father Gregory Boyle.

She also referred to Robert Waldinger’s 85 years long study–the Harvard Study of Adult development–he has recently written a book called, The Good Life.

Johann Hari writes an excellent book called, Lost Connections, as a journalist who looked to understand his own anxiety and depression by interviewing top experts around the world.

Week 3

The pdf of the slides will be found here, published the day of the time together.

Week 4

The pdf of the slides will be found here on the date of the last time together.

Dr. Marc Brackett has a book, entitled Permission to Feel that gives a five stage process to understanding and processing emotion. I really like this book.

Dr. Brené Brown just published a book, Atlas of the Heart, which defines and explains 80+ emotions to allow a person a chance to be able to name their experience. I also recommend this book.

A quick way to identify emotions is The Feeling Wheel. I like to use this with clients who know they feel something but can’t put a name to it on their own, but can recognize it on the wheel. Print it off and stick it to the fridge to have it hand! 🙂 

“The story I tell myself” is an important concept and will be covered in week 3. More about that can be found here.

We will talk about permission slips in session 4–giving ourselves permission to feel.  Fun fact: I was in the studio audience of this video clip!!

"Box breathing"

Dare to Lead

"Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts" Available in soft cover, hard cover, audio and electronically. Applying the material to the workplace.

Daring Greatly

The good intro book to: "Show up, be seen, live brave"™ Available in all formats.