You at TMP: Loneliness in a Broken and Healing World

Man with hoodie sitting alone on the street in the dark underneath a streetlight

Week 1 Yes, it's a thing!

Welcome to the resource page, prepared especially for the great folks who are attending the You at TMP event on Loneliness taught by Carolyn Klassen.

The pdf of  the slides from Week 1 are here.

Helpful resources:  

To assess yourself on a standardized and normed Loneliness scale that takes less than 5 minutes, try the UCLA Loneliness Scale (version 3) available  here.

The pdf of  the slides from Week 2 are here.

To learn more about self compassion, look to Kristin Neff’s website

To take a self compassion test to learn about strengths and growth areas in the area of self compassion, go here.

The pdf of  the slides from Week 3 are here.

Additional resources below:

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My book, available on kindle, in paperback, and now on audible as well.