Working Exhausted in a "Not Enough" World

United Way Learning Center February , 2024

Working exhausted in a not enough world--words with superhero beside that says on chest: helping and exhausted

Welcome to the resource page, prepared especially for the great folks who attended the United Way Learning Center’s presentation of “Working Exhausted in a ‘not enough’ world”.

The pdf of the slide deck that was used in the presentation is here.

Some articles on “Near Enemies”:

Harvard Business Reivew: “Don’t get surprised by Burnout”

Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness: “Near Enemies of Mindfulness”

Self Compassion Resources can be found on Dr. Kristen Neff’s website.

Investigative Selfism’s article: Do you know your near enemies of compassion?


Brené Brown interviews Chris Germer in a 2 part interview: The near and far enemies of self compassion: Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here

The practice of self-compassion is a life long journey.

Trust me, you can know it, but still need a lot of work to practice it. For more on self compassion, check out Here you will find self-compassion inventory to evaluate your ability to practice the subscales of self compassion–you can re-take it and monitor for improvement. There are recordings of self-compassion exercises/meditations there and a pile of other resources to further learn.

To learn more about the psychological distancing feeling of shame, take a look at Dr. Brené Brown’s TED talk, Listening to Shame. 

…last but not least, the video of the TEDx talk I did as well as a breathing gif. ™W