ONMB Pastors and Leaders Day: Addressing Pastoral Vulnerability and Power Dynamics

Good Intentions are NOT enough: Frank talk about pastoral vulnerabilities

Welcome to the resource page, prepared especially for the great folks who attended the Pastor’s Credentialing Orientation workshop entitled: Healthy Church Leadership Boundaries. The pdf of  the slides: “Good Intentions are Not Enough: Frank talk about Pastoral Vulnerabilities” are here

Helpful resources:  

Bathsheba’s story: Surviving Abuse and Loss Written by Baylor University Deans Diana R. Garland and David E. Garland

Hagar’s Voice: The statement from the victim of Bruxy Cavey’s abuse of power.

Most recently, in the headlines:

Megachurch fires married worship pastor accused of sexual exploitation of minor, adult men
Nashville Pastor Scott Sauls Resigns After Apologizing for Harsh Leadership
Connecticut pastor was dealing meth in exchange for watching sex, police say

To learn more about the psychological distancing feeling of shame, take a look at Dr. Brené Brown’s TED talk, Listening to Shame. 

Additional resources below:

Right use of power: The heart of ethics
Book highly recommended by Jaymie Friesen, from Voices for Non-Violence, MCC Manitoba
Canadian Fellowship of Christian Spiritual Directors
Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment: This heart is at the core of GRACE’s mission to empower Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse.
Sacred trust...fostering safe space in congregations
Link to a PDF document
Wired for Connection book cover
My book, available on kindle, in paperback, and now on audible as well.