International Conference Of Hutterite Educators 2023

Gritty Grace in a Burned out world Green Grass on charcoal wood

Welcome to the resource page, prepared specifically for the attendees of the ICHE 2023. On this page you will find handouts of the keynote and workshops as well as further references to books and online resources that Carolyn referenced during the day.

If there are requests during the day for additional resources, I’ll post them on Thursday evening.

Click on the image of the presentation you would like to view below to get a pdf of the slides.

Gritty Grace in a Burned out world Green Grass on charcoal wood
Kenote notes here:
Empathy as a superpower
Empathy how it changes our world
Loneliness and Belonging workshop
The Distance Between Us: Why are Meaningful Relationships so Challenging?
Understanding Shame Resilience: Making Friends with that Feeling of “not good enough"
Quote from Kristin neff
For more information about self compassion, including an inventory to evaluate your own level of self compassion, look at
No link to this poster...I just want to remind you of this!
"Box breathing"

Dare to Lead

"Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts" Available in soft cover, hard cover, audio and electronically. Applying the material to the workplace.

Daring Greatly

The good intro book to: "Show up, be seen, live brave"™ Available in all formats.

Call to Courage Netflix special
Call to Courage Netflix Special
The website hub for teachers who want to implement courage in the classroom