Estamos at CMU

define yourself as loved by God. Every other identity is illusion. Brennan Manning

Welcome to the resource page, prepared specifically for the students of Estamos, 2023!

The pdf of the presentation Carolyn presented on Wednesday morning is here.  

The presentation Carolyn gave on Thursday afternoon is here.

For more about the difference between courage and bravery look here.

To learn more about the psychological distancing feeling of shame that we speak of on  take a look at Dr. Brené Brown’s TED talk, Listening to Shame. 

Carolyn spoke of 13 strategies for mental health, arising out of the impact of connection and shame on our lives:

Estamos baker's dozen mental health strategies 2023
A summary of the mental health strategies
Carolyn outlined 6 factors of burnout that were impossible to avoid during the pandemic, and are a challenge for pastors all the time.
"Box breathing"

Dare to Lead

"Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts" Available in soft cover, hard cover, audio and electronically. Applying the material to the workplace.

Daring Greatly

The good intro book to: "Show up, be seen, live brave"™ Available in all formats.

Call to Courage Netflix special
Call to Courage Netflix Special
The website hub of more "Dare to Lead"