Online Dating: CTV Morning Live interview

Online Dating: CTV Morning Live interview

I had the gift of celebrating online dating on CTV Morning LIve on Valentine’s Day. While there are dangers to online dating, there are also many beautiful stories of people who have found their life’s partner online.

Folks need to be smart–to be aware of how nefarious people can take advantage of one’s goodwill. People deciding to go online need to be aware of their own “bottom lines” ahead of time–hearts can get ahead of heads too quickly when those first initial messages seem so wonderful. Those first messages mean very little in the big scheme–they need to be followed up by responsiveness, willingness to understand what you are or are not comfortable with, ability to talk on video or meet in real life, and stand the test of time.

And, folks that do the courageous and vulnerable work of choosing a service, preparing a profile, and responding to messages, knowing there can be heartbreak or worse–and do it anyway–well, I think they need to be celebrated.

So often, when I ask a couple of their origin story, they look away and shyly say, “We met online”–like there is something shameful/less than about it.

No way, no how is meeting your life partner “lesser than” meeting in person.

Wow–I think it’s amazing!

It demonstrates initiative. Willingness to do something emotionally vulnerable with no guarantee of outcome. I just honor people who have done the deliberate work of creating the kind of future they want for themsevles.

Let’s all do our part to admire the chutzpah of those who find their partners through online means!