Small Groups

Small Groups

Each year we host a variety of small groups that help students lean into opportunities for Discipleship or areas of interest. These hospitable spaces are for curiosity and questions, discovery and wonder, fellowship and friends.  Whether it’s a Bible study, book study related to your academic field, baking for underprivileged neighbours or something else that a student wants to lead, we want to be a conduit for student growth and exploration of God’s world.

*Small groups change every semester check back in August for a fall line-up.

If you’re looking for a summer connection check out our Summer Hang-Outs Facebook Page.


Many students want to better understand the Christian faith and tradition. Some are new to Christianity. Some find their ideas of Christianity are changing. Some want to be able to articulate the Christian faith better. Some realize that they call themselves Christian but have never dug into what that means. The OCC has a one-on-one discipleship journey whereby you:

  • Engage with the gospel, a word that means good news (what is the good news…really?)
  • Explore 15 key texts that take you through the Bible
  • Challenge yourself to try some spiritual disciplines
  • Have a mentor friend and learn to mentor another

By the end of the 15 weeks, we feel confident that you will feel more confident in talking about why Christianity is good news, understand the nature of the Bible better and have incorporated some new habits that will shape your hearts, soul, mind and strength.

Interested? Contact Chaplain Sid to ask questions or chat with about a possible one-on-one journey for you.